Ghost Chasers of Pennsylvania
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  John,  Founder, Investigator,  Technical Services  Harrisburg Pa  
  Cynthia,  Co-Founder,  Investigator, Intuitive  Harrisburg Pa  
  Our investigators volunteer and  donate their time to gain a better understanding of the paranormal world. They offer high degree of professionalism and dedication to the group.  
Central PA Active Investigators
  Shanna  Lead Investigator, Intuitive    Elizabethtown, Pa  
  Brian Investigator, Carlisle, Pa  


  Gettysburg PA, Active Investigators  
Dana  Lead  Investigator, Intuitive  Harrisburg , Pa
Southern PA / Maryland Active Investigators
  Sue Ann  Lead Investigator, Medium/Intuitive, Spirit Cleansing
Hanover, Pa
  Sara,   Visionary, Bel Air MD  
  Chris,  Intuitive, Bel Air MD  
  Jean, Intuitive, Bel Air MD  


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