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How long have you been doing this?

The group itself has been around since November 2006. Our investigators have anywhere between 3 to 20 years experience in the field.

Do You Charge?

Ghost Chasers of Pennsylvania  does not charge for investigations. The investigation process is our motivation, not the money. We gain information during an investigation that we hope will eventually lead to a better understanding of paranormal activity and to help explain the clients activities and/or experiences.

How do you prioritize you investigations?
Our investigation process falls in order of calls received unless there is a severe case where children are involved.

How long do you investigate?

Depending on the size of location the average is 6 hours.


How many people do you have investigate?

We usually have only two people 3 max investigating at a time, the more people you have investigating the greater the chances of impacting the accuracy of recordings.


Why do you investigate between 9:30Pm to 3:30am?

We can investigate anytime however we prefer between the hours of 9:30 PM and 3:30 AM. Between these hours it is typically quiet and better results are rendered when dealing with Intelligent or Residual paranormal events.  We would also want to investigate during the time when you are experiencing the paranormal activity, An event that happens at the same time each day or day of the week, month.


Can the client be part of the investigation process?

We encourage our clients to assist the team if they so desire. Being part of the investigative process will help the client better understand the processes involved when investigating and maybe explain some of the issues they are having first hand.

I have children and/or pets, can they stay during the investigation?
It is thought that spirits are sensitive to changes in the environment, if you feel that it is not to disruptive we would prefer that the environment stays the same with keeping children and pets as part of the investigation. If you feel that the children and pets would better be suited to be elsewhere during the investigation we totally understand and will gladly investigate without them onsite.  
Our children and/or pets seem to be talking or playing with something that is not there. Is this paranormal?
It is believed that younger children and pets are more likely to experience paranormal activity due to their innocence.

How long will it take to obtain your results?

Location size is a major factor in reviewing the results however we will get with you within two weeks of the investigation to go over our findings.

If your investigation results did not show any findings, then what?

It is thought that changes in the environment may impact normal paranormal activity; in some cases it could take several visits to capture something of value.

What means do you use to capture paranormal activity?
Ninety percent of activity is captured on voice recorders during investigations and ten percent is captured on thermal imaging recorders, digital thermometers, EMF/K2 detectors, video recording and still photographs. All methods contribute to the investigation and can support one another to better verify any given event.


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